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The solution for programming and administrating the maintenance activities, to monitoring the traffic and the collisions and to manage the concession practices and the road board. A system for the management of the whole process of public works and interventions of maintenance on the property: the compilation of the preliminary and executive projects, the accounting, planning. The complete solution aimed at the Technical Office for the territorial management and the achievement of the Geographic Information System (GIS) A system constituted by different integrated applications able to support the Contracting Authorities with computerised and telematic management of the tendering procedures

ELDASOFT - Maggioli Training and Consultancy


ELDASOFT - Maggioli Training and Consultancy
Eldasoft Customers
using the suite ALICE .04Tenders products, have the opportunity to take advantage of the new business group synergy and take advantange of specialist services in the field of public contracts prepared by the Group Maggioli. To find out more click here

Management of Economic Operators' Lists

FOCUS - Directory of Economic Operators
The establishment
of lists of economic operators, as part of the procurement procedures of public administrations, has assumed an important role in procurement procedures, as a means of support and help in according to the dictates of strict and complex rules of purchase. Many central contractor have adopted ALICE Directory of Economic Operators for the management of the lists according to SOA and product categories.
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